BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)

We choose to dive with AP Diving’s front flotation BCDs for one main reason: safety.

As a former USMC combat diver, Tom has learned a few things about diving that the average instructor & diver may not know.

Military divers do not use back flotation because, if you, by chance, become unconscious in the water, you will float face down. If you were left at sea for a long time, back flotation would constantly tend to push you face down by bringing your back up. Front flotation (or collar type BCD used by the military) will always float you face up in an emergency.

We use the AP Commando Escape model. It’s got loads of pocket space! Beth carries a small DSC white balance splash chart in one pocket and a safety sausage in another. It’s also an easy BCD to travel with as it it relatively light, considering its quality build, and takes up little space.

When we come up from a dive, laden with cumbersome camera systems, it’s nice to be able to easily float face up while waiting for a boat to pick us up or to climb back aboard Tangaroa. AP Diving also has fabulous customer service!

Reach out to Martin or Nicky at AP’s home office in the UK or to one of their offices in the US, Canada, Italy, Korea, or South Africa. Tell them Tom Campbell sent you!

Comfort & Fit

–  Fine-tune adjustment custom-fits the BCD to your body shape
–  Padding & support where you need it

Quality & Performance

 –  The toughest BCDs on the market
 –  Built with bespoke materials & patented construction techniques

Safety & Control

–  Choice of unique self-sufficient emergency systems
–  Emergency breathing and buoyancy

AP BCDs are designed and built entirely on-site in their UK factory. Complete control over the manufacturing process, stringent materials specifications and a dedicated R&D test center ensure quality from first weld to final stitch.

When you buy an AP BCD, you’re buying advanced, trustworthy kit engineered and designed by divers – with comfort, safety and a build-quality so advanced, they confidently back it up with a first-owner Lifetime Warranty.

BETH in her APDIVING BCD filming a wreck in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

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