Gear & Equipment


TANGAROA is the third boat we’ve owned together since 2007. Over the years, and with plenty of trial and error, we found that there are certain things that we rely upon. We like to travel with the comforts of home and, after all, the boat is our home now!

We have stuff for life at sea on a boat. We have more stuff for doing all the diving, filming, and adventuring we enjoy. And we have even more stuff that’s just for daily life because, well, this is our daily life now!

We get a lot of questions about the gear we use, why we chose certain equipment, and what items work best for our chosen lifestyle.

We’ve been traveling around the world on photo, filming, dive, and adventure trips for decades. Everything you’ll find here is something we’ve personally used and rely on and find necessary for doing the work we love and the lifestyle at sea we enjoy.

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