Tom uses a ruler as life’s analogy: At 1 inch you’re born and start your life. At 12″ it’s the end of your life. It gives you a perspective of where you are and what’s left with your life. Take your age and plug it into the ruler so you can see where you are. Born in 1941, and having lived a full life that’s included 3 successful and adventure-filled careers, he’s keenly aware that his timeline on Life’s ruler is getting shorter. All the decisions he now makes means there isn’t a lot of time left for bad decisions, regrets, and dreams left behind. (However, with his excellent family genes, the fact that he exercises & takes really good care of himself, he might live well beyond that!).

Being that every decision is important, he thinks 3 to 5 moves ahead like in a chess game in order to avoid serious consequences or repercussions from a bad or snap decision.

That knowledge of his position on his Life’s ruler prompted him to make the radical decision to sell our home and a number of assets, buy the beautiful yacht he’s always dreamed about, and move onto the boat to live full time exploring, diving, and just being at sea.

On this page, we’ll share our stories and pictures and hope that we can inspire you to find your adventure, too!

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Isla Coronados

One nice thing about living on a boat (among many others) is that when we want to get away for the proverbial weekend – even if that weekend falls on a Tuesday – we just throw the lines and head to sea.  Our beautiful floating home comfortably transports us to a new location. After setting … Continue reading Isla Coronados

El Norte!

“About noon, we arrived at Puerto Escondido, the Hidden Harbor, a place of magic. If one wished to design a secret personal bay, one would probably build something very like this little harbor. A point swings about, making a small semicircular bay fringed with bright-green mangroves, and only when one has turned inside this outer … Continue reading El Norte!

Baja Geology Rocks!

Voyaging along the western coast of the Sea of Cortez is akin to being in the Grand Canyon looking up at colorful layers of rock piled atop one another. But instead of our boat floating down a mighty river, Tangaroa is cruising on a dynamic and relatively young (geologically speaking) sea. One of the real … Continue reading Baja Geology Rocks!

Hot off the Press

Recently, Power & Motoryacht Magazine approached us to ask if they could write an article about us and our unique life of living aboard our Maritimo M51 motoryacht. Needless to say, we said “yes!” They wanted photos of the two of us, so we hired a photographer acquaintance, Leonardo Gonzalez, to drive up from La … Continue reading Hot off the Press

Boating and eBiking

When we’re docked in a marina, chances are pretty good that we’re a distance from town. We knew this would often be the case and we knew we’d need a way to get to and from shopping. Getting out to do some exploring would also require some form of transportation. But space, even on our … Continue reading Boating and eBiking

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