Isla Coronados

Anchored at Coronados Island

One nice thing about living on a boat (among many others) is that when we want to get away for the proverbial weekend – even if that weekend falls on a Tuesday – we just throw the lines and head to sea.  Our beautiful floating home comfortably transports us to a new location.

After setting the autopilot, we love to sit outside on the Juliet deck, the large open deck behind the flybridge. From the comfy cantilevered seat we have an incredible view! We just poke our heads around every so often to make sure no other boats are in the area.  Whether wildlife watching, keeping an eye on fishing lines trailing behind us as we troll, contemplating the wide beauty of the ever-changing seascape, relaxing with a book, or even taking a call, the Juliet is one of our favorite places on the Maritimo.

Tom enjoying a sunny day on the Juliet deck

The high view of the sea, marine wildlife, and birds flying at eye level is fabulous! I spend a lot of time going from port to starboard with my camera trying to get photos of birds at sea. It’s really exciting, at least to me, when I see an unexpected bird like this exquisite Craveri’s murrelet that flew past when we were en route to our destination.

Craveri’s murrelet flies past the boat

At 7 knots of speed (one knot equals 1.15 mph, so that’s slightly over 8 mph), on a calm sea like we had for this jaunt, we hardly feel the boat’s motion. We enjoy cruising like this as it’s plenty fast enough on a lovely day and part of the fun is the journey itself. It didn’t take but a few hours to get from Puerto Escondido to Isla Coronados.

After a gorgeous morning traveling on a blue, blue sea we arrived at the volcanic island. Tom found the perfect spot to drop the anchor.

The yellow star is where Tangaroa is anchored.

Schools of little silver fish feeding near the surface set the water in rapid motion, their silvery bodies flashing brightly in the sunshine. The whole ocean around us was thick with these small baitfish; looking down from the boat into the shimmering shoals was mesmerizing. Pelicans plunged into the sea, scooping up mouths full wiggling fish while sea lions swooshed through the flashing schools.

I was as keen to swim among the fish as I was to be in the water with all the sea lions that were sunning on the rocks, swimming by the boat, and playing all around us. A pod of dolphins stayed in the area most of the day, cruising back & forth near us a number of times. Every now and again, one would leap high, delighting us with its sleek acrobatics.

Being all alone at the island, surrounded by so much wildlife, was a perfect way to spend a couple of days! Even with the the sea lions continuing to talk all through the night, it was wonderfully peaceful. The gentle slap of water on Tangaroa’s hull and the soft chatter of the sea lions lulled us right to sleep.

12 thoughts on “Isla Coronados

  1. Steve Rawlins May 26, 2021 — 9:50 pm

    Wonderful picture! It was relaxing just to read your blog.

    1. Thank you so much, Steve! Those few days were truly relaxing. 🙂

  2. Sherilyn Schultz May 26, 2021 — 11:25 pm

    Oh wow Beth!! You’re video photography and Tom’s drone photography is INCREDIBLE! It’s so cool watching your beautiful journey which is just as awesome as any documentary that I watch. So impressed! Thank you for the update, so happy for you two. Miss you guys! Sherilyn

    1. Sherilyn! Thanks so much! We feel fortunate to be in such lovely places. Hope to see you when we’re back!

  3. The device between Tom’s ear and his hand speaks to an unavoidable reality, wherever one finds ones self. As Vonnegut said, “so it goes”.

    1. Nothing like getting into a blip of a signal and checking the calls! Hope all’s well with you, Bill!

  4. Volker Schenk May 27, 2021 — 6:55 am

    What a great place for geologists and naturalists!

    1. It is, Volker! I had to leave a lot of rock photos off the blog!!

  5. Charles S Buchholz May 27, 2021 — 1:32 pm

    watching that almost made me want to get aboard your floating boat. i love watching you clips. and the places are great.

    1. Thanks, Chuck! We sure love being aboard our floating home that takes us to some pretty wonderful places!

  6. You transported me as I read your note. Your descriptions and obvious joy make my heart sing!

    1. Aw, thanks, Carole! Being at sea, around open space and wild creatures, is joyFull!!!

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