Tom’s been looking at scuba compressors for quite some time. He knew which features he wanted but we couldn’t seem to find the perfect unit. Fortunately, we went to the DEMA (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association) convention in late 2019 and met Tom Furbish of L&W Americas there. He was at DEMA to showcase their product line – and Tom, who has seen and used a lot of compressors in his 60 years of diving, was immensely impressed their YachtPro compressor!

YachtPro Scuba compressor

We visited Tom at his office in Pompano Beach, FL where he showed us the compressor in more detail.

It was obvious, after talking to Tom and seeing it in action, that the YachtPro™ Essential is the optimal compressor for refilling scuba tanks. This compressor is fully automated and optimized specifically for use on boats. All you have to do is connect the scuba tanks to be refilled and turn the system on. It’s really that simple.

With a dual-fill hose, we can fill two tanks at once. The compressor has an automatic shut-off when the tanks are full. A variable frequency drive (VFD) ramps the compressor speed up & down over a short interval, totally alleviating the tremendous in-rush current demand typically experienced when starting an electric motor.

Even while we are underwater on a dive, we can have the compressor running: it drains & shuts down automatically! It take about 40 minutes to pump two 3500 psi steel tanks, perfect for our surface interval between dives. Since we have to turn the generator on to run the compressor, we use that time to also make water, charge batteries, cook, or do other things for which we need the generator.

The YachtPro also fits perfectly in Tangaroa’s lazarette (our huge gear locker) turning our luxury yacht into the perfect dive boat!

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