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WATERPROOF, of Sweden, makes the most comfortable, smartly-engineered, and well-designed wetsuits. We love our 3.5mm W5 warm water suits that fit beautifully, have great attention to details like comfy zippers, flow guards in the wrists & ankles, and space for a pocket on one leg.

Made with the same high quality standards as their top-of-the-line suits, Waterproof packed a smart and stylish Scandinavian design for divers who demand the best. The high quality material and anatomical fit suit is made of high stretch Nylon/Elastane with 100% Microcell CR Neoprene. Suits are handmade, glued and blind-stitched. A comfort zipper in the neck, flow guards in the wrists and ankles and embossed Duratex flexible kneepads and elbow protectors, plus a place for to attach a pocket on a leg, are part of the W5’s clever & comfy design.

The company has excellent customer service, too!


Tom is diving the latest, and super greatest, drysuit from Waterproof. The Swedish company owners dive in cold water and know what makes a terrific suit. Tom loves the latest model, D3 Ergo, which is designed for unrestricted movability and control, both above and below the surface. It has a slimmer cut around the torso and legs for less drag and unnecessary air movement which enhances control.  The D3 Ergo originates from another Waterproof model that has its roots in special forces military suits where light weight, flexibility and movability is essential.  The D3 Ergo retains those characteristics.

Being a former US Marine Corps Special Forces diver, Tom really appreciates this drysuit! It’s silicone seals, Tri-Lam fabric (which is soft. lightweight, and durable), and many other characteristics make this the best lightweight drysuit in Waterproof’s line. Sewn together with single stitch and soft rubber taped seams, the D3 Ergo is a very flexible and comfortable suit. 

(Beth is saving up for this one, too!) She currently dives with a neoprene Mares by Mobby drysuit that is no longer in production.


We often dive in cold water. Even when it is in the low 70-degrees F, an hour dive can turn chilly. We wear heated vests, by Thermalution and boy, are they life-savers! Whether beneath a wetsuit in cool water, or a drysuit in really cold water, these vests are a treat. The vests come in different levels; we use the Yellow Grade Plus model.

Fully charged batteries last up to 4 hours and heat up the non-metallic heating panel positioned on the back to warm up your core area, providing the powerful warmth you need to stay comfortable underwater. The heat comes on in under a minute once it’s been turned on. With 3 temperature settings (low, medium, and high), the Thermalution Power Heated Undersuit can be adjusted using the wireless rechargeable remote. Its unique and powerful heating performance not only brings extra comfort for doing water sports or diving but also helps reduce the need for a thick wetsuit, greatly promoting mobility. 

It’s nice not having a cable attached to the unit. We wear our remotes on our wrist where it is easy to access. A push of the button increases the heat a notch and every time you click it up, the red sensor disk located on the back of the vest vibrates in a different mode to inform you what heat setting has been activated. A light on the controller also indicates what level the heat is set.

Give Heated Wetsuits a shout when you’re ready to get one!

(Beth is saving up for the full heated suit for when we get to Alaska!)

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