A lot of people love following our adventure. We were kinda surprised by that, but realized we do lead an unconventional lifestyle that offers a glimpse into a different world. We’d like to think that our adventure provides you with some fun, expands your awareness about our ocean world, and just brings you joy.

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We’d like to say a special thank-you to the following who, in some way or another, have helped make our wild LIFE adventure aboard Tangaroa possible:

Bill King, and his wife, Michelle, of Compass Point Yachts, were incredibly helpful with our purchase of Tangaroa. We count them as friends now and continue to rely on Bill’s expertise with these vessels. If you’re looking for a Maritimo, start here!

You want the very best scuba compressor for your boat. Look no further than the exceptionally well-designed and feature-rich Yacht Pro Essential unit. Tom Furbish and his team at L&W Americas in Florida will help you get the kit you need.

When it comes to choosing a tender for your boat, there’s no need to look beyond a Highfield. With it’s many features and attention to detail, plus it’s lightweight yet rugged build, the Highfield is your best bet. Tom Watson, of Highfield Boats USA in Georgia, is the guy you want to talk to!

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