Life on Board


Living at sea doesn’t mean giving things up. We enjoy a nice level of comfort aboard Tangaroa. We’ve had to adjust some things because space is at a premium on a vessel so we’re careful about what we choose to bring on board.

To ensure we don’t use chemicals that will harm the ocean, or reefs, we source cleaning and other products that are as free of single use plastics, toxins, and excess packaging as possible. To be able to do the diving and filming we enjoy, we need certain gear & equipment. When we reach a town, we need to be able to move from the boat to shore and around, so we need modes of transportation.

Life on a boat requires different ways to pay attention, in part, because we’re always in motion. Even when tied up at a dock, the boat moves a bit as tides rise and fall or other boats go past. At sea, we might be in high waves and strong winds. Everything in the boat needs to be battened down. So we have routines on board unlike those on land.

Wander through the links below to see how we manage to make all of this happen. Send an email if you have any questions!

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