As wildlife cinematographers, our passion is filming wild animals. From giant whales to tiny reef creatures, they all fascinate us.

With her background in natural sciences as a park ranger and naturalist on expedition ships, Beth loves the science of wild animals. Along the way, we’ll be joined by scientists & specialists who will enlighten us with their insights into our wild world.

Together, we look forward to sharing our wild encounters with you!


A turtle comes into Marina Puerto Escondido, where we have our Maritimo 51, Tangaroa, docked. Every morning, it feeds along the jetty. Fish friends join the feast as they chill along the rocks. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 7.


Panamic sergeant majors (Abudefduf troschelii)are one of my favorite reef fish. They’re just fun to watch. These damselfish munch on algae growing on rocks & reefs, graze on benthic invertebrates, and feed on plankton in the water. Each fish seems to have a personality of its own and I’ve noticed they school together in age/ size groups. While snorkeling in the shallows one pretty day, I came across this school feeding around the rocks, the colors of which made a beautiful reflection. I found it a mesmerizing and tranquil few moments immersed in their world.

TOM filming a giant manta ray (Manta biostris) at San Benedicto Island, Mexico. (photo by Dr. Andrea Marshall)
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