We’ve come a thousand miles, traveling South along the Baja Peninsula, since departing Ensenada. Our 51 foot Maritimo, “Tangaroa,” performed beautifully and proved to be a seaworthy, comfortable home in which to make the journey. 

Sunset glows on Tangaroa. Anchored for the night in Turtle Bay

From seas swelling and heaving southward, pushing us up and rolling us down, through waves gnashing together with the swells, and across hundreds of miles of glassy-calm blue, Tangaroa bore us to La Paz.

An extraordinary array of seabirds, visits from a variety of marine mammals, leaping fish, and moonlight nights filled the week-long trip. I’m wading through photos and footage now to fill stories.

A flying fish skitters over the calm sea.

A week of emails, and business needing attention, has taken up most of our time since we arrived at Marina Costa Baja. We fueled up (I’ll share our travel stats soon), topped off the water tanks with our Spot Zero Watermaker, and gave Tangaroa a much-needed bath and bottom cleaning. 

It’s wicked hot here in this desert sea. Comfortable breezes blow morning and evening but we’re sweltering under the afternoon sun. Flotillas of frigate birds float on the hot air above while schools of fish cruise the marina waterways. Many of the places we’d hoped to dive are closed during the pandemic, so we’ve yet to get wet! And we can’t wait to get into the sea to cool down. We’ve enjoyed seeing friends and making new ones and look forward to diving with them when we return this way.

We’re ready to take off again soon. In a couple of days we head farther north into the Sea of Cortez, cruising up to Loreto where we will base until our return to Costa Baja. While at Marina Puerto Escondido we’ll have more time to get out more posts, images, and blogs to share.

8 thoughts on “1000-mile

  1. Beautifully written. Fabulous journey!

    1. It IS a fantastic journey, Deb! Look forward to seeing you & Tim soon!

  2. Sounds heavenly and the boat is beautiful!!!! We feel like we are in the movie “Groundhog Day”. Cheers, George

    1. George! What a joy to hear from you! We miss you two so much! Yes, it is even more bizarre than Groundhog Day!! This lovely boat is a perfect place to ride out covid! XX

  3. Watching you both from Kiwi land, love the blog and miss you guys, wish you were both here in our safe kiwi bubble

    1. Thanks, Mike! Inasmuch as being on Tangaroa is like being in a floating bubble of our own, we sure do miss being with dear friends in our beloved New Zealand!

  4. Puerto Escondido was quite different in 1974. The race through the cervix entrance however, is probably the same.

    1. It is a narrow entrance… but there’s plenty of space & draft for our boat. There are some lovely 100+ foot ships here, too!

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