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When we’re docked in a marina, chances are pretty good that we’re a distance from town. We knew this would often be the case and we knew we’d need a way to get to and from shopping. Getting out to do some exploring would also require some form of transportation. But space, even on our spacious Maritimo M51, is at a premium.

It took some research to find folding bikes that would fit on the boat, be lightweight enough for us to easily move about the vessel, be sturdy enough to get us from the boat to a town and back (or on an exercise ride), and be easy to charge & maintain. Only one brand met all of our requirements; GoCycle.

Tom, a sports car enthusiast, also liked the fact that Richard Thorpe, the engineer behind GoCycle, was part of the McLaren design team. Designed like a sports car with its low center of gravity and perfect fore & aft weight distribution, the GoCycles are beautifully engineered. They have a predictive electronic gear shift and the electric motor powers the front wheel while pedals power the rear. Tom really likes the fact that there are no exposed oily chains, gears, or sprockets. That means no mess!

Tom with our GoCycle GXi eBikes in Ensenada, Mexico

We were pleased when reached out to GoCycle to ask questions about the bike, and they put us in touch with Alan, at Alan answered all of our questions, was helpful as we chose the models we wanted (the GXi fast-foldable ones), and he shipped them to us before we left Arizona so we could try them out. As soon as we climbed onto the saddle and took off through the neighborhood, we both discovered how fun these cool eBikes can be to ride!

But no matter how cool & fun the bikes are, having them fit on Tangaroa was critical for our needs. One of the main reasons we chose the M51 model is for it’s spacious lazarette (or “laz,” which is kinda like a basement). The rear end of the boat, from mid-cockpit where our outdoor table & bench seat are to the transom where the BBQ and freezer are located, lifts up on hydraulic arms. When this rear area is opened, we can walk right down into the laz. It’s a huge space! The SpotZero watermaker, Tankfill compressor, 6 steel Faber scuba tanks in their Ogre Maxx Raxx holder, and all of our dive and fishing gear fit neatly in the laz. There’s plenty of room for the two GoCycle folding bikes!

Beth standing in the lazarette

We’ve taken the GoCycles out on a few spins while in Mexico. I’m really looking forward to riding them when we are docked in various communities in Alaska’s Inside Passage when we get Tangaroa up that way!

GoCycling in Ensenada, Mexico

8 thoughts on “Boating and eBiking

  1. Really cool bikes!

    1. They certainly are! We love riding them!!

  2. I LOVE hearing from you cuz I never know what’s coming next!! Stay WELL and let us know when you’ll next be near Encino:):):) Hugs, Dottie

    1. I’ve been thinking of you so much these past weeks!! Lovely to “hear” your voice and sending huge hugs back at you!! XOXOX

  3. I didn’t realise Tangaria was actually a TARDIS Beth😁. The bikes really stick all the boxes you needed. Happy ExploringπŸš΄β€β™‚οΈπŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΅β€β™‚οΈπŸš΅β€β™€οΈ

    1. Now that would be super cool if we could use Tangaroa as a TARDIS!!! It would help save on fuel costs! LOL

  4. Charles S Buchholz November 23, 2020 — 1:30 pm

    another great post keep it up i love hearing about what you are doing and to where you are going

    1. Thanks, Charles! Appreciate those kind words. This is quite the adventure! Hope you are doing well!

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