Hot off the Press

Geared up and ready to dive and film

Recently, Power & Motoryacht Magazine approached us to ask if they could write an article about us and our unique life of living aboard our Maritimo M51 motoryacht. Needless to say, we said “yes!” They wanted photos of the two of us, so we hired a photographer acquaintance, Leonardo Gonzalez, to drive up from La Paz to Marina Puerto Escondido near Loreto to help with the photoshoot.

Tom and Leo used walkie-talkies to communicate & coordinate the shoot. With 69 magazine covers to his name, Tom knew just what was necessary for a cover shoot. He’d position Tangaroa and let Leo know when to start taking photos.

We did one session with the beautiful Sierra de la Giganta mountains as a backdrop. When the sun comes up the mountains turn a gorgeous rosy red. The scene makes for a dramatic backdrop! Here’s the image the editors chose for the newsstand cover.

Newsstand cover shot

The magazine also wanted a shot of us doing what we do as divers and filmmakers. We cruised across the channel to Danzante Island where (thankfully) the bees were not bad on this morning! Leo got in the water with his camera. A large glass dome over the lens allows “under-over” photos to be taken. Tom and I suited up in our Waterproof wetsuits, got all of our cameras readied and locked into their watertight Nauticam housings, and posed on the back of the boat. Leo took a bunch of photos.

Power & Motoryacht liked one shot so much they used it for their online magazine version! I’m sitting on Tangaroa’s swim step while Tom is standing on the custom stainless steel ladder that Josh, from ProFab in Santa Ana, beautifully crafted for us. Here’s the image for the cover of the online magazine:

Online cover shot

Pretty cool!

We haven’t seen the magazine yet. The editors sent us a pdf file of the article, which I’ve included here for you to read. The writing is pretty small. I hope you can read it! (If not let me know and I can send an email to me at and I’ll email you a pdf file. There’s a good chance we’ll be far away at sea when you read this, so if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks, don’t worry!)

9 thoughts on “Hot off the Press

  1. What a great life you two have! Stay safe and healthy.

    1. It is pretty amazing, Amy! We’re getting ready to head out on a real big adventure! Hope you both are doing well! Thank you for sharing our journey!

    2. How exciting.
      The print was too small, but, maybe I can get the mag when it come out. Enjoy, Enjoy

      1. It is exciting! Yeah, a pain to have to post a tiny copy. I’ll send you a pdf, Roberta, that you should be able to read! XXX

  2. Hi Beth & Tom.
    Awesome stuff. Can we get a copy of the article too please?
    Regards D & M

    1. Thanks! You bet! I’ll email a pdf over. Miss you two! xx

  3. Hi Beth and Tom, It was nice meeting you a few weeks ago in Bahia El Gato! Love your photos. Hope all is well look me up when in San Carlos.

    Tom Pritchard
    Southern Comfort

    1. Great to hear from you, Tom! We are arranging our stay at MSC right now. We’ll send you an email!

  4. We are so excited readiing about your adventures. When you have access to the PDF, please share it with us as well. We are vacationing vicariously through the two of you!!!

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